Drawn to moments we share during the late night/early morning hours in warehouse basements, abandoned tunnels, and forgotten/reclaimed spaces, Diana is a multidisciplinary artist and community builder that centers their work around the support networks we build within a rave context . Focusing in on fast paced, hypnotic, and driving dancefloor sonics, their presence emanates a passionate rave energy on and off the decks.

Collaboratively involved in multiple Montreal home fronts like N10, Slut Island, and the growing Monday Monthly known as Void, Diana is co-founder of the experimental rave series Vault, and is currently working on co-launching an upcoming artist collective and label, Non/Being.

Drawing from the punk and noise sentiments they found comfort in as a young and angry trans-youth, Diana offers a curatorial force that combines harsh industrial aesthetics with warehouse rave playfulness.

Likely to have shared a dancefloor with them in a dark room somewhere between Montreal and a feverish dream, stay locked in on the vision this young producer has to offer through OCTOV. 

For booking inquiries please contact : booking@octov.ca


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